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We have been active in the heat treatment industry since 1974. Our company’s story has its roots in a bold idea conceived by true pioneers in heat treatment.

After spending a few years with Svenska Cooperheat AB in Sweden, Eero Jääskeläinen returned to Finland and founded Oy Lämpökäsittely Ab (‘Heat Treatment Ltd’), which later changed its name to ‘Lahden Lämpökäsittely Oy’. The operations, which started on a small scale, have grown steadily over the last four decades. In 2007, the foundation for growth became even stronger when investment company Panostaja Oyj purchased two Finnish companies specialising in heat treatment, Lahden Lämpökäsittely Oy and Heatmasters Oy. Since then, we have operated under the shared name ‘Heatmasters Group’, with an easily recognisable brand image.

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